Creating a clear employee value proposition and roadmap for your employees and will help ensure business and financial success with more predictability and consistentcy... and real-time benefits from leadership and breaking down silo's via cross-functional teams/teaming.

  • The Employee Value Proposition

    • Defined, benefits/why have one, examples, how to get one

  • A management model and key processes to drive alignment and execution

  • 5 business success factors ... attributes looked for in employees

    • Results

    • Ability to make decisions

    • Leadership

    • Ability to think conceptually

    • Integrity

  • Cross-functional business teams and teaming

    • What are real 'teams', why do collaborative teaming and lessons learned, including sports analogies

    • What are teams and teamwork ... industry benchmarking

    • Barriers and enablers

    • High-performance team principles and process how to's

    • Importance of roles, responsibilities and evaluations/incentives linkage

  • Conflict transformation... leading through conflict!

    • When conflict is confronted it is more likely to catalyze innovation solutions (versus polite conversation, issue avoidance, denial, etc.)