Growth requires thoughtful, fact-based and insightful strategic thinking and planning to increase the
success odds. PK Associates can help you achieve and maintain manageable, meaningful growth
for your company. At PK Associates, we help clients think about and achieve growth from a variety
of perspectives, including:

  • Why growth is important
  • How to think about growth
  • Principles for growth
  • Different growth strategies:
    • Organic, internal NPD
    • External development (acquisition, licensing, JV's/alliances)
  • Key insights on growth planning and execution
  • How to reinvigorate or sustain growth
  • Growth target setting principles
  • Growth Management process approach and expertise
    • That works, doesn't work and why
  • Principles for and examples of unleashing consumer demand 
  • Demand strategy & segmentation ... in conjunction with The Cambridge Group Management Consultancy
    • Discover and unleash the latent demand of your market
    • Segment your market by consumers and consumer 'need states' 
    • Broaden the frame of reference in terms of your Brand's competitive set 
    • Create meaningful differentiation and value in and beyond your product, service offering(s)