How We Work


Depending on the client's need, we can work on a per diem or retainer basis, or work on a project basis with a customized Dream Team of proven senior and support consultants with significant client-based experience... grounded in 'left brain-driven' fact-based and need-to-do analytics plus 'right brain-driven' creativity, experience and good business judgment. Peter Klein directs and is involved in all project work, and choses the Dream Team of proven senior professionals customized to each client and their needs.

PK Associates places great emphasis on the following beliefs and principles relative to growth:

  1. North America and developed countries are no longer in a supply-driven economy; understanding and aligning against consumer and customer demand is a mandatory… including identifying and targeting the most profitable consumers and customers. 
  2. Creating both relevant and differentiated growth solutions for targeted consumers and customers is an operating necessity to drive profitable growth.  
  3. Developing a mindset of constant Total Innovation across and down a company will help ensure more predictable and consistent results… and shareholder value creation. Innovation is not just about R&D and new product/service development!  
  4. The criticality of having an aligned Strategic Plan, including a Growth/Development Plan, cannot be underestimated. 
  5. Growth is a process, not an objective!