Mergers & Acquisitions

With years of experience guiding major companies on their M&A strategies and execution, Peter Klein and PK Associates can discuss with clients the below acquisition-related areas:

  • Key messages on external development and acquisition

  • Key success factors

  • Principles and considerations

  • Process “how to’s”

  • Strategic Value, Financial Value, Manageability and Integration/Transition Planning

PK Associates can also provide a presentation talk on:

  • Nabisco Foods & The Gillette Company: Sale Case Studies

    • Nabisco Sale (2000)

      • Sale to Phillip Morris/Kraft Foods: A strategic and analytical look at why and how Nabisco was sold… and lessons learned:

        • Profile

        • Industry Situation Assessment

        • Company Situation Assessment and Turnaround

        • Impact of Tobacco

        • Shareholder Value Initiatives

        • Lessons Learned

    • Gillette sale to P&G (2005)

      • Perspective on the background situation, strategic and economic benefits